Monday, June 22, 2009

Jam Packed Random Fun-Filled Time

Whew! What a weekend! I love weekends that are random. I am a planner by nature but I love the unexpected surprises that weekends bring. Some of the fun we had this weekend was
1. Padres Game
2. Getting to watch the fireworks on the field at the game!
3. Suspension Bridge in SD
4. Finding the funniest cards in Seaport Village
5. Eating at three different restaurants in Little Italy in one night! (One for happy hour, one for dinner, and another for dessert)
6. Finding a very cool art gallery
7. Dinner at Roy's La Jolla -- so tasty!!!!!!!

Luciano pretending to catch the fly ball!

Laying on the field watching the fireworks!

Luciano and his long lost uncle

Walking (or kissing) on the suspension bridge

In between restaurant two and three with Reaksmay, Daniel, Rob, and Us!

Tell me what unexpected surprises came your way this weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

somewhere in the middle

My best friend since junior year in college called me today and told me that she will be coming for a visit in TWO WEEKS!!!!! I am so excited!! Our plan is to go for some good hikes, watch chick flicks, go get mani's and pedi's, workout with the best trainer is san diego, and just have some good girl time!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Happy Heart

Sometimes it seems as though the weekends aren't as relaxing as they could be....and all of a sudden it is monday morning and I wonder where the weekend went! This past weekend was the complete opposite of that....Luciano and I both worked on Saturday, we rearranged our bedroom, attended our Young Married group, dinner after with friends, Laundry, Luciano made me breakfast in bed on sunday, I was able to read, Church, Luciano even got to watch some sort of UFC fighting thing, (I was actually reading again in the restaurant while he was watching), and we were able to Skype with my mom!!!!!! Maybe it is true that a body in motion stays in motion...Here's to a great week and another great weekend! I also had time to take some pics of furball!