Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Incredible, Special People

Okay so this story begins three years ago. I had the privilege of living with this awesome couple, Tim and Victoria for a few months before Luciano and I got married. They opened their home and their heart to Luciano and I. As some of you may know planning a wedding can get very stressful. Well Tim and Victoria were so helpful and thoughtful during this time and continue to be such a blessing to Luciano and I. Victoria can take the most random things out of her fridge and make THE BEST meal you have ever tasted! She is the one who actually taught me to cook so that I enjoy it! Of course Luciano is very thankful for that! Victoria also inspires me because she is always thinking of ways that she can be a blessing to other people. Tim is also amazing! He is very quiet and observes what goes on, and he too has the kindest heart and will help anyone he can. He is always looking for ways to fix things or build things. He actually made rain fall at our wedding (it was indoors). He doesn't stop until the job is done. They are both such a smart and welcoming couple. They continually open their home to anyone and everyone! On Saturday they celebrated their 60th Birthday! I am so glad that they are apart of our lives. I wish we could see them more often! Tim and Victoria will always hold a very special place in my heart!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

These were some of my favorite pictures from August 22nd!! Luciano and I celebrated our birthdays together, since they about two weeks apart! Just hanging out by our pool, enjoying the beautiful day!
Posing with my favorite gal gena bunky!!
I have known her since she was 9 months old!

Luciano's Parents, Mike & Maryjane and our good ol'(young) pal Marilee!!

Some of my favorite peeps!! The Wacksters, Holcombs, and Raya's!

Our favorite little brother and his saint of a mother!!
Me and my hubba hubba hubby!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A week in the life.... give or take a day

So I have been taking pictures nonstop because I enjoy our camera so much! Nothing monumental has been happening, just enjoying life! So instead of blathering on I thought I would let the pictures speak for themselves!
Tuesday August 12th - Jack patiently waiting for treats that my mom sent from MI.

Wednesday August 13th - Jack confiscated a pot holder that my mom sent! It is now missing half of the hair and the tennis racket in the right hand is missing.

Thursday August 14th- Key came to hang with us for a few days! Jack loves him!

Friday August 15th - My husband brought home flowers for me! Yeah for thoughtful husbands!!!!

Saturday August 16th ( Really it was taken on Sunday) No pics were actually taken on saturday, but this can take the place of saturday since I was going to post two pics for sunday.

Sunday August 17th - Sweet little Bun Bun! I love this family!!

Monday August 18th - Snuggling with Luciano during his lunch!

Tuesday August 19 - The first time we have ever played night golf! This is the first time we have golfed in over 6 months. I loved that we could play this course in jeans. This was a first for me too!

Okay so I didn't necessarily let the pictures speak for themselves...I just gave the cliff note version!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


The Series 7 exam is probably the most well known securities exam to the general public. You have most likely heard of it before on the silver screen in such movies as Wall Street or Boiler Room. There is a good chance the Series 7 exam will be the most difficult exam you have or will ever take. (All this info is according to some website)

They say that 2 out of 3 people fail the exam. Well Luciano passed with an 82%. I guess his hours of studying paid off. I finally get my husband back from the computer and books and notes! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!! Now the fun begins!

Like I said in my previous post, alot has been happening at the Szymanski Prestonise household! With much more to come!

Happy Birthday MaryJane!

So my MIL's bday was on monday.... and i am just getting to posting now...It's been a busy week here at the Szymanski Prestonise house :) I just thought I would add my favorite and only video clip from the day!

Happy 60th Birthday Mom Prestonise. (Keep it real, oriental)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Dog....my dilemma

Okay so am I becoming one of those people who think that their dog and or kid is one of the cutest things they have ever seen? I just love that his back paws are hanging off the back of his "kitty bed". (Yes he has a cat bed, because when we got Jack he was only 4 lbs. and the selection of dog beds weren't very cute or were too big.) I also think that our dog is a bit narcissistic. Whenever we turn on the camera he poses. For example, if he is playing and he hears the camera turn on he will stop whatever he is doing and sit down and pose. Now you would think that I trained him to do this (Pavlov's dog) but I am a person who loves candid shots so I wouldn't want him to pose for a picture. Although I do have to say that I enjoy when we take a posed shot as in pic #2. It makes for a cozy little picture. The only other time I can take a picture is if I turn on the camera when he is sound asleep in the other room and come in quietly and take a picture. That would explain how I captured picture #3 below. The funny thing about #3 is that is how he sleeps most of the time. I don't know why, can anyone explain this to me? Does he think he is human, or are dogs comfortable on their backs....Oh to be able to really be a dog whisperer.....maybe I should email Cesar Milan.(not sure if I spelled his name correctly) Okay so enough ramblings about Jack.....This is what happens when we have a relaxing weekend around the house. I take pictures of the dog and ramble. Oh what a happy life I have! Not a care in the world and I thank God for that!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So I have been inspired by quite a few things lately.... obviously the first is the inspiration to begin blogging....thanks nina & matt bunk ;)....who would have thought that the day to day life of people could be so interesting...I am also inspired by a new camera that I got as an early birthday present from my mom. (She is the BEST) Additional gratitude goes to Mikey for his online help while we were shopping. The coolest feature about this camera is that I can take pics underwater!! Well first I have to purchase the waterproof case, and then I can become an underwater photographer. But the funny thing is that I don't go in the water in SoCal because the water is to cold....so maybe I'll just use it in the pool :) The last thing that I have been inspired by that I am going to write about is my best friend Julie, she came up with this great idea that we should set some goals and read books together....now I thought, she lives on one coast and I live on the other....will this really work???? even though we talk a few times a week, I just wasn't sure....but you know what, IT IS WORKING!!!....we have set goals....started a book....almost finished the same book....and are looking at the second book that we will begin....all in a few weeks time....I am truly inspired... so here are a few pics that I took with the new camera!! Enjoy!
So this pic makes me laugh bc it looks like Jack and I are trapped by all the doors. So cozy!!

This is my favorite pic of my two favorite guys!! Luciano always inspires me!!! I love you!

Little Fuzz Bucket Jack!!!

He is enjoying his pizzle by one of his favorite toys!

Hey when you don't have kids, what else are you supposed to take pics of ?